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Experience renewal and well-being at our haven, where comprehensive mental health service is tailored to prioritize your unique journey. Find solace in personalized care that nurtures your mental wellness.

Guiding Your

At Renewed Mental Health Group, we initiate your path to well-being through personalized consultations, offering guidance attuned to your individual needs.

Therapeutic Empowerment

Empower yourself with our compassionate behavioural health therapistss. In a supportive space, Renewed Mental Institute facilitates self-exploration, helping you find strength.

Medication Harmony

Aim for mental wellness with our tailored medication support. Our mental health services ensure a balanced approach, aligning with your unique needs for holistic health.


Renewed Mental Health Group

At Renewed Mental Health Group, we stand as a beacon of support and healing, nestled in Anaheim. Our mission is to restore your quality of life through advanced treatments, offering a compassionate haven to explore challenges and build lasting solutions.

Your Journey, Our Expertise

Our experts prioritize your unique mental wellness goals, guiding you through your journey.

More Than Medicine: Holistic Healing

Experience comprehensive care—addressing psychosocial factors, and medication management

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Highly Trained Providers

Explore Our

Mental Care Services

Uncover a range of specialized mental health services designed to address various challenges, with our team dedicated to delivering personalized care and fostering lasting solutions.


Access personalized mental health support conveniently through our secure telehealth services


Tailored solutions and strategies for navigating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Comprehensive care and empathetic support for those facing the challenges of depression


Find relief and strategies to manage anxiety with our dedicated mental health professionals

Bipolar Disorder

Specialized assistance and personalized plans for managing bipolar disorder


Compassionate guidance and effective strategies for dealing with OCD.


Expert care and support for individuals experiencing symptoms of psychosis


Specialized psychiatric services fostering stability and well-being for those managing schizophrenia


Targeted interventions and support for individuals dealing with hyperactivity challenges


Compassionate care and therapeutic approaches to address and overcome the impact of trauma

Adjustment Disorders

Personalized support for navigating life changes and adjustment difficulties

Gender Dysphoria

Understanding care and support for individuals dealing with gender dysphoria challenges

Acute Stress

Rapid and effective strategies to manage and overcome acute stress challenges

Meet Our Experts

Leadership & Clinical Team

Our Leadership & Clinical Team comprises highly experienced professionals who bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional patient care. With a strong focus on innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning, our Leadership & Clinical Team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements in healthcare to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. Guided by a patient-centered approach, our Leadership & Clinical Team combines compassion, integrity, and leadership to create a supportive environment where every individual’s well-being is prioritized.

Dr. Ravi


Dr. Montogomery


Katelyn Magsino

Doctorate-Prepared Nurse

Anthony Pham

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Why Opt for Renewed Mental Health Group?

At Renewed Mental Health Group, our commitment to your well-being sets us apart on multiple fronts:

Our Vision

Our Mission

Board on a Transformative Journey with Renewed Mental Health Group – Your Path to a Renewed You.

Get a Consultation Right Now

Get immediate access to expert advice and personalized consultations right at your fingertips.

Personalized Path to Lasting Well-Being

At Renewed Mental Health Group, we recognize that every hurdle requires a distinct approach. Our structured process guides you through various stages, ensuring you receive personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Reach Out for Guidance

Starting your mental health journey begins with reaching out to our supportive team, and taking that vital first step towards a healthier state of mind

Schedule Your First Step

Ease into your journey to a happier you by scheduling an psychiatrist appointment with us; it's the initial push toward a positive change.

Tailored Consultation Experience

Our experts engage with you to grasp the nuances of your unique situation, crafting a personalized well-being plan that aligns with your specific needs

Therapeutic Exploration

Explore therapeutic options, from individual sessions to group therapy. Our experts may recommend interventions like psychotropic medications aligning with your distinct needs

Strive for Sustainable Well-Being

Overcome challenges with our support, striving for lasting improvement in your life. Our commitment is to ensure your journey is uniquely crafted and leads to enduring wellness

Find Your Support at Our Health Coaching Institute

Whether you’re searching for a psychiatrist Orange County or seeking the support of a behavioral health therapist near me, Renewed Mental Health Group is here for you. Our brain wellness institute is more than a place; it’s a community where your mental health matters, and we’re devoted to providing the care and support you deserve.


421 N. Brookhurst Street. Suite 119 Anaheim, CA 92801

Insurance Coverage at Renewed Mental Health Institute

At Renewed Mental Health Institute, we understand the importance of accessible mental health care. That’s why we accept a variety of insurance plans to make our services more convenient and affordable for you. Explore our comprehensive mental health services with the assurance that we work with a range of insurance providers. Contact us today to discover how our psychiatric institutions near me can be a partner in your mental health journey, making quality care within reach.

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